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ClassDo’s one-stop, integrated virtual classrooms take the stress out of rote non-teaching tasks, be it in-person or remote teaching. So you can get more teaching, engaging and facilitating done.

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Teach just like you are sitting side by side

With one simple login on a web browser, connect, interact and engage with your learners instantly.

Start, stop, resume teaching anytime in the same permanent classrooms.

Access all the tools and resources you need in one place

Auto-save all annotated teaching materials, assignments and recordings in the built-in content library for streamlined lessons and convenient revision.

Teach any subject, any way you like, with powerful built-in tools such as a whiteboard, textpad, poll and more.

Unlock individualised learning insights in real time

Gain auto-feedback about learners' participation, engagement and progress, whether they are learning live in person or remotely, or on their own in blended classes.

Make informed decisions about your next lesson and personalise learning for every individual.

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Start a class for free *No credit card required