Chiew Farn Chung (@ chiew )

Language: English (native), Mandarin (native), Cantonese (native), Japanese (native), Malay (fluent)
Living in: Japan / Tokyo

Hi, my name is Chiew. I'm the CEO of ClassDo.

I love backpacking, sports and computers. I've lived in many countries before so I speak English, Chinese (mandarin, cantonese), Japanese and Malay. My next goal is to learn Korean and Spanish.

In the internet age, people should be able to learn from each other, anytime, anywhere, without the huge commitment of enrolling into a school. Learn languages, magic tricks, culture, cooking, or whatever you like from the comfort of your own home. Or teach others anything you have a passion for ( and earn money while doing it ). With ClassDo, we hope to change the rigid approach to education.

I'd love to hear feedback from you. Please feel free to message me anytime!!

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